234 사진가 마사 로슬러 (Martha Rosler) (미국현대사진가전-현실)
2002-10-25 235223
FEAR, BOREDOM, AND SPEED: Martha Rosler's Flying Lessons Essay by Grant Kester Unclaimed Baggage In his influential book Art (1913), Clive Bell, one of the foremost English supporters of Postimpressionism, singles out for particular abuse t...  
233 사진가 필립-로카 디 코르시아 (Philip-Lorca diCorcia) (미국현대사진가전-현실) 1
2002-10-15 126998
Biography Formation 1979 Yale University, New Haven, M.F.A. 1976 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Post Graduate Certificate. 1975 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Diploma. Awards 1989 Artist Fellowship, National Endowment...  
232 사진가 스키모토의 영화관 file
2006-06-28 98294
그의 영화관은 사진기가 본 한편의 영화인것 같다 내가 영화관에서 한편의 영화를 본 기억은 아련한 영화관의 분위기나 백색의 환한 영사막은 아니다 잘생긴 배우의 모습이나 감동적인 스토리 엄청난 액션 이런 것인것 같다 시간이나 공간의 개념도 너무...  
231 사진가 윌리암 이글스턴 (William Eggleston) (미국현대사진가전-일상) 1
2002-10-24 88906
By Stanley Booth Sept. 7, 1999 | William Eggleston, now 60 years old, seems securely attached to the title "Father of Color Photography." Maybe the word "color" should be modified by "art" or "artistic," because of course he didn't invent th...  
230 사진가 로나 심슨 (Lorna Simpson) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 1
2002-10-28 86167
Although Lorna Simpson was trained in traditional photography techniques at the School of Visual Arts in New York, she began early on to explore more innovative approaches to the medium. She expanded the possibilities for black-and-white ph...  
229 사진가 로리 시몬스 (Laurie Simmons) (미국현대사진가전-현실) 1
2002-10-24 69751
Laurie Simmons began experimenting with photography in the early 1970s; today her work, which was foundational for both feminist and post-conceptual photography, continues to push the boundaries of her field. Simmons earned her B.F.A. from T...  
228 사진가 루이스 발츠 (Lewis Baltz) (미국현대사진가전-일상) 1
2002-10-24 69059
Lewis Baltz Naples, 22 January 1998 "Subjects and objects of the new technological culture" SUMMARY: Baltz never had any profound loyalty to the idea of photography as a medium but simply as the most efficient way of making or recording an i...  
227 사진가 에멧 고윈 (Emmet Gowin) (미국현대사진가전-일상) 1
2002-10-28 59945
The landscape of Emmet Gowin's photographs is one of cruel beauty. Gowin, high above his subjects, photographs the gold mines, open coal pits, battlefields and atomic test sites which have scarred the earth's skin. From his God-like perch, t...  
226 사진가 글렌 라이곤 (Glenn Ligon) (미국현대사진가전-정체성)
2002-10-25 56286
Glenn Ligon Colored by Roberta Smith Published in The New York Times, May 11, 2001 Periodically, Glenn Ligon seems to rebel against the austere format of his best-known work, as if to imply that making angry yet seductive black-on-black and ...  
225 사진가 리차드 프린스 (Richard Prince) (미국현대사진가전-현실)
2002-10-28 48296
Health Study The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) July 19, 2000 By Thomasi McDonald, Rachel Rinaldo Soon after Hurricane Floyd's floodwaters receded in the historic town of Princeville, former Mayor Glennie Matthewson started raising questi...  
224 사진가 EILEEN COWIN 1
2002-10-15 46520
EILEEN COWIN by Jody Zellen (The Armory Center of the Arts, Pasadena) Twenty-seven years of work by the photographer/video artist Eileen Cowin is presented in the retrospective exhibition Still (and all). Cowin makes photographic works that ...  
223 전시회 알렉 소스展 / Alec Soth file
2009-07-30 44619
222 사진가 루카스 사마라스 (Lucas Samaras) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 1
2002-10-28 44145
Lucas Samaras Born 1936 Painter, Photographer, Sculptor American Lucas Samaras was already known as a sculptor, painter, and performance artist when he began experimenting with photography. In his early work, which includes multi-media assem...  
221 사진가 조엘 스텐펠드 (Joel Sternfeld) (미국현대사진가전-일상) 1
2002-10-24 42953
Sternfeld’s work of the 1980’s carries forward the passionate pursuit of Walker Evans from the 1930’s and Robert Frank in the 1950’s: a unique vision of culture, place and character - an essence of America. Focusing on the odd yet increasin...  
220 사진가 빅 무니즈 (Vik Muniz) (미국현대사진가전-현실) 1
2002-10-28 42945
Creative Time presents Clouds, Vik Muniz's public art project which coincides with his show at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the premiere of a full-length documentary about his work. Four times during a six day period, starting Febr...  
219 사진가 티나 바니 (Tina Barney) (미국현대사진가전-일상) 1
2002-10-28 40230
Tina Barney (1945) was born to a wealthy American upper-class family. Her personal family relations are recorded in large images. Thus we become spectators to the lives of Barney's family and friends. However, colourful images transcend soci...  
218 사진가 존 코플란즈 (JOHN COPLANS) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 2
2002-10-13 38861
In 1980, at the age of 60, London native John Coplans became a photographer, forsaking a long and influential career as a writer, curator and founding editor of Artforum and Dialogue art magazines. In 1984 he turned the camera on himself and...  
217 사진가 로버트 F. 하이네켄 (Robert F. Heinecken) (미국현대사진가전-현실) 1
2002-10-15 37953
The Artist: Robert Heinecken was born in Denver, Colorado in 1931. He studied at Riverside College in California and received B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of California. In 1960, he became a Professor of Art at U.C.L.A., where h...  
216 사진가 The dream of Elevator-Girl
2003-03-31 37358
엘리베이터 걸의 꿈 "오늘도 저희 ○○○을 찾아 주셔서 감사 드립니다. 좋은 하루 되시길 바라며, 1층 출발합니다.” 여성스러움이 적절히 베어 나오는 단정한 옷차림에 사근사근한 목소리, 미소 띤 얼굴로 깍듯하게 우리를 맞이하는 그녀가 있다. 우리를 목적지...  
215 사진가 그레고리 크류드슨 (Gregory Crewdson) (미국현대사진가전-일상) 1
2002-10-28 34757
Gregory Crewdson Born: 1962, Brooklyn, NY B.A., SUNY Purchase, New York, 1985; M.F.A. Yale School of Art, Yale University, New Haven Connecticut, 1988 Lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut Gregory Crewdson’s carefully staged photographs ...  
214 사진가 아벨라르도 모렐 (Abelardo Morell) (미국현대사진가전-현실) 3
2002-10-12 33634
Abelardo Morell's photographs remind us that photography is more about how we see than the tools we use to create it. As we become ensconced with computer technology, more and more artists are returning to the past, working with processes an...  
213 사진가 리차드 반즈 (Richard Barnes) (미국현대사진가전-일상)
2002-10-28 33188
Richard Barnes San Francisco-based photographer Richard Barnes' work touches on themes of archeology and architecture -- the relationship we have to our history, the ways we collect and catalogue its residue, how we create and utilize the sp...  
212 사진가 비자 셀민스 (Vija Celmins) (미국현대사진가전-현실)
2002-10-13 33180
Vija Celmins (b. 1939) was born in Riga, Latvia. With her family, she fled Riga in 1944, spending her childhood as a refugee in both the Eastern and Western sectors of war-ravaged Germany, before coming to the U.S. with the help of Church Wo...  
211 사진가 쳉퀑치 (Tseng Kwong Chi) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 1
2002-10-13 33124
유명한 관광지에서 셀프 포츠레이트를 촬영하는 사진가입니다. Born in Hong Kong, Tseng Kwong Chi left the English protectorate in his formative years and ended up living and studying in both Vancouver, B.C. and Paris. In 1979 Tseng moved and se...  
210 사진가 아드리안 파이퍼 (Adrian Piper) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 1
2002-10-25 32600
letter from milan: an interview with adrian piper by Franklin Sirmans Adrian Piper has been producing and showing her Conceptual art since the late 1960s, but her exhibition late last year at the Emi Fontana Gallery in Milan was the first o...  
209 사진가 낸 골딘 (Nan Goldin) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 7
2002-10-28 32517
Nan Goldin was born in Washington D.C. in 1953. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, where she started to record her own life in photographs at the age of 16. She studied photography at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the earl...  
208 사진가 해리 캘라한 (Harry Callaha) 1
2002-10-11 31918
해리 캘라한은 1912년 미국의 출생 작가로서 추상적 사진세계를 가진 1950년대에 주로 활동한 작가이다. <노피곰닷넷의 이원균> 그의 이력으로서 중요한점은 엔지니어 출신으로 제네랄 모터스에서 일을 한 경력이 있다는 점과 뉴바우하우스에서 사진을 배웟...  
207 사진가 애나 멘디에타 (ANA MENDIETA) (미국현대사진가전-정체성) 1
2002-10-25 31885
ANA MENDIETA Although Ana Mendieta (Havana 1948-New York 1985) is now an indisputable international reference in the artworld, her person and her works remain largely unknown. In her active, but tragically short life Ana Mendieta built up a...  
206 전시회 a Space 이원균사진전 file
2011-03-23 31785
205 사진가 정해창 사진
2003-04-15 31768
많은 분들이 아실 거라고 생각합니다만. angra 님의 요청도 있었고 궁금해하시는 분들도 계실까봐 올립니다. 사진으로 만들어지는 한국적 서정이라는 것이 있다면, 그 계열의 첫 개척자가 아닐까합니다. 그 옛날에 찍은 사진이라고는 믿기지 않을 정도로 굉장...